6 types of vehicles that can be converted into food trucks


When it comes to food trucks, we all envision cars and trains. These units are versatile and can be converted to serve different purposes. In this article we are going to talk about different types of trucks that serve as food trucks. Keep reading to know more.

1. Ford Pickup

Ford Stepvan or UPS trucks are quite common. You can find them in your locality, especially if you are from the United States. They are usually implemented for commercial purposes. Many companies use them for business activities, such as package delivery. You may have seen Fed-ex and UPS courier services delivering packages via these trucks.

The same trucks are also used as food trucks. Therefore, they are quite versatile when it comes to applications.

2. Citroen H Vans

These conventional French vans were produced until 1981. For the first time, their production began in 1941. In the last 10 years, these vehicles have become quite popular, especially in the UK. Their look and appeal is vintage and eye-catching, especially when used as food trucks.

3. Horse boxes

Horse Boxes were initially used to transport horses. Today, they are used to meet the needs of different types of food delivery. In other words, they serve as mobile catering units.

Today, they are mostly converted to alcohol or coffee bars. People use them when hosting private events and weddings.

4. School buses

As far as these trucks are concerned, you can find different types of American-style school buses. Since these nozzles have a yellow bodywork, they are quite conspicuous. Apart from this, they offer a lot of space, especially when converted into different units designed for preparing, serving and cooking food.

5. Drafts

This is on the list of my favorite food trucks. Actually, these American trailers are quite iconic. Furthermore, they have been in production since the 1930s. At first, they served as traveling caravans. After a couple of decades, they became food trailers and food trucks. Today, they are known as drafts and are quite common.

6. Caravans

Retro or vintage trailers are on the list of another popular type of food truck. Again, they are converted units. Since they are small, they can be easily towed and stored unlike other types of vehicles.

Today these campers are quite inexpensive and can be found all over the United States. So, it can be said that they are quite popular.

In a nutshell, this is the description of different types of trucks serving as food trucks here and now.

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