Adventure Computer Games – Discover Agatha Christie’s Joy with Mystery Adventure Computer Games


Mysterious adventure computer games have excellent examples in the interactive adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels. Unlike action games, the adventure genre puts its emphasis on narrative rather than combat. And since they need an interesting plot and strong characters, their stories make a great foundation for mystery PC games.

The single-player format also lends itself well to these books, as their murder mysteries evolve around a central character, such as Hercule Poirot (his most famous detective creation). It is usually up to this main character to explore closed areas i.e. the crime scene, uncover clues and solve puzzles to discover the killer and his motives. Similarly, adventure players must find and use items, solve puzzles and problems, explore a restricted area or room, and generally interact with the environment. It is more of an intellectual journey or quest to find and eliminate suspects, as opposed to action PC games that deal more with the physical challenges of gaming, such as fighting opponents.

His novels still sell a lot of books in the crime fiction genre, which considering some of his stories were written eighty years ago, is pretty good. The strength of his plots, his characters, and his inimitable style of unexpected twists and use of smart devices make it easy to create great mystery-adventure computer games from his stories.

Agatha Christie, the world’s best-selling crime fiction writer, has turned 6 of her famous mysteries into mystery-adventure computer games. For those who haven’t read her books, you’ll find that these interactive adaptations are not only a great introduction to some of her best stories, but are themselves excellent examples for PC gamers of adventure and mystery. For fans of murder mysteries, these adventure computer games are a great way to immerse yourself in your favorite Agatha novels. But also puzzle and problem solving fans will find these Christie PC downloads a lot of fun.

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