Arenas in Digital Marketing


Introduction to digital marketing:

Digital marketing can be defined as the promotion of brands or products and services using all forms of digital advertising. Digital marketing uses television, radio, the Internet, mobile devices, and any form of digital media to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal, and profitable way.

Ways of doing digital marketing:

1.Search Engine Optimization


3. Email marketing (factors such as subject line, quality, and personalization are important)

4. Marketing in social networks

5.Marketing of digital screens

6. Mobile marketing

7. Content Marketing (also includes blogs, ebooks, webinars, white papers, and a variety of other media).

8. Traditional marketing methods

Strategies and their Introduction:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO helps a website to be based on the search engine results page (SERP) for the desired keywords. SEO helps build a brand.

Process: Building measurable links and creating quality viral content are respectable marketing processes that work.

SEO return on investment (ROI) fluctuates as PPC (see below) goes up and down, and organic search results are more reliable than paid advertising.

That’s why SEO pays off more over time. This includes:

• Keyword analysis

• On-page optimization (optimization of a website at the page level)

• Off-page optimization (creation of quality backlinks to the website and web pages)

• Creation of authority for brand terms (this includes company profiles in the main social networks)

• Website health checks (check for technical issues)

• Analytics reports (Provides how our campaigns perform by looking at traffic)


PPC helps get traffic from search engines for specific keyword terms. The benefit of this process is that we will pay only for the clicks we have received.

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program.

Strategy: Identification of converting keywords, effective bidding process to keep costs down, etc.

PPC marketing gives instant results because it generates visitors quickly and also allows you to measure your budget and ROI properly. Getting the hang of Google AdWords helps your business make the most of the potential benefits of PPC marketing.

3. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is the most traditional form of digital marketing, but it gives exceptional results if we can personalize each email.

Important things to consider:

Step 1 – Gathering the list of email IDs. (Offering something like a PDF, e-book, etc., on our website can be useful for collecting recipients’ email IDs.)

Step 2: A service like, can be useful for instant reply messages and newsletter campaign management.

Step 3: Personalization is very important to a successful email campaign. The personalization must be in the Subject line, Message Body.

And factors like the catchy “subject line” and “short message” motivate the recipient to visit your landing page.

Newsletters – These are a wonderful way to engage with our community by sending out weekly or monthly newsletters.

4. Marketing in social networks:

Social media is the most profitable digital marketing strategy to engage with existing customers and build a brand on different social media communities.

First, define your goals. What are you trying to get from social media?

Strategy – This starts with identifying the right channels for the type of business we’re in.

Step 1: creation of business profiles on Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest

Step 2: Use photo sharing services like Flicker, Instagram, etc…

using video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
using a PPT sharing service like SlideShare…
using PDF sharing services like,, etc…

Step 3: Start activities that represent the sector of activity of your company.

Step 4: Create a community on these third-party social sites.

Step 5: Develop an editorial calendar to plan when posts go up, or manage your social media content flow through a platform like the Hoot suite.

5. Marketing of digital screens:

• This includes paid ads (mainly image ads and video ads) on websites, portals, blogs related to our industry.

• This works well because the pages that display these ads convey something through your website, which is our business industry. So the conversation rate is good in this process.

• With this display marketing we can increase the traffic of the site providing ads and thus we can get some leads with conversion rate strategies.

6.Mobile Marketing:

Before starting this campaign, we must be sure that we can offer our services that can be accessed through mobile phones. If yes, then optimize your site for mobile phones.

• Website optimization for mobile devices is important.

Mobile marketing includes… mobile search, content delivery (optimized site), display ads (PPC) and mobile friendly emails.

7. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a popular trend in digital marketing, as it includes blogs, ebooks, webinars, white papers, and a variety of other media.

These are all signs of website freshness. Google likes sites that update frequently and provide a large amount of information.

The information we provide should answer some question or show some solutions to a problem. So that respect is earned and can be shared online.

Note: This content marketing will only work with almost all other online marketing campaigns.

8. Traditional Marketing Methods:

Digital marketing does not only depend on the internet. Other than that, it extends beyond this by including other channels like mobile or cell phones, display banner ads, SMS/mms and outdoor digital etc.
All of these can be used effectively to create a brand for an organization. Most of these are paid and when we have some campaign regarding some public service that we can offer, we can get coverage in the following media for free. In other words, they are earned.

Television: Advertisements (paid)

Radio: Ads (paid)

Newspapers: Advertisements (paid) and News created by any activity carried out by the organization (earned).

News created by a program that offers some of the services to the public for free (earned)

Magazines: Ads (paid)


The strategies made for an organization completely depend on their business model, the products they offer and the types of services they offer etc. However, these are the main and most used methods in the best digital marketing service and we can interrelate them for any desired. results.

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