Attract immense wealth


Attracting immense wealth may be easier than attracting a blue feather if your heart’s desire is to be immensely rich. This is not true for many, but you could be one of those who will court wealth like others court a partner. We are about to explain to you how you can know if you are one of those destined to be rich and how you will achieve it.

What is your true wish?

We incarnate with an intention and our talents and desires are set to take us to the goal. Some call this our internal guidance system. When we’re headed in the right direction, life is relatively easy and the things we need seem to fall into place just when we’re ready for them.

When we are following the path of our heart’s desire, we are successful in our endeavors and enjoy our work. When you dedicate yourself to this work, time seems to fly by. We are tireless. We are passionate.

We know we are going off course when we are not so happy. It seems that there are more obstacles and difficulties. Life is not so abundant.

You will have the resources and abundance you need and desire as you find your way back to your heart’s goal. The Hicks call this the stream of plenty and suggest that life is easier when you swim downstream. This is a powerful image and matches the experience of those who are successful.

Financial wealth has a specific energy signature

Wealth can be in resources and people or in currency. Sometimes it is one and not the other and sometimes all kinds of wealth are available.

In my experience, resources and people were more available than money, but this is because money was not my interest. As a teenager, they gave me cars and boats to use, and skis and bikes when I needed them. I was invited on ski trips and was able to ride racing sailboats.

As Napoleon Hill says, if you want great wealth you must court it like a lover. If you have this burning desire for money,

“When riches begin to arrive, they arrive so quickly and in such abundance that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years… Faith is the basis of all ‘miracles.’ known antidote to failure. Faith is the element, the chemical that, when mixed with prayer, gives direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.”

How do we attract immense riches?

When our greatest desire is financial wealth and this is our heart’s desire, we will have the creative energy to pursue wealth. We will have no doubt that we will succeed and we will not stop until we succeed. Along the way your intuition will need to be listened to and work will be required, but it won’t be difficult unless you believe it has to be.

Above all, remember to have fun. Without a lot of delight and happiness, you won’t have the frequency of wealth.

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