Boxer characteristics


Is A Boxer Right For You?

Country of origin: Germany

First registration: 1904

Colors: Fawn, brindle with white spots.

Coat type: Short, shiny and smooth

Height: 21-25 inches

Weight: 66 to 70 pounds.

Shelf life: 10-12 years

Average litter size: 5 – 10

Health concerns:. You can have problems with heart murmurs, skin tumors, digestive problems, and hypothyroidism.

Temperament: good-natured, affectionate, sociable, stubborn, high-energy.

Active, playful, loyal, familiar, these are just some of the boxer’s characteristics. A breed full of love for people and zest for life, the Boxer can be an ideal family dog. The boxer is unlike any other breed. Often described as the “clown” of the canine community, boxers are in a class of their own. Those who own boxers can attest to their unique characteristics.

With his lean, muscular build, smooth fur, and square posture, the Boxer is truly an impressive-looking animal. Being a working class breed, the boxer demonstrates an instinctive will to please, while at the same time displaying alertness, caution, and courage in the face of the unknown.

However, the boxer is NOT for everyone. Being a high energy breed, they require a lot of love and even more patience.

So if you are considering owning a boxer, offers information on this wonderful breed.


Originally bred in Germany, the boxer is believed to be of Brabanter Bullenbessier descent. The Bullenbeisser was used by the elite to hunt wild boars around the 19th century. To avoid injury while hunting, the ears were cut off.

As time passed, the Barbanter Bullenbeisser was used by cattle traders and, in the late 19th century, it was officially recognized as a working-class dog. In addition to being known for being an intelligent working dog, the Barbanter Bullenbessier was recognized as an excellent companion dog that was always eager to please humans. When he was not working, the breed was known to be an excellent family pet, which was excellent with children.

It is believed that around 1830, the Babnanter Bullenbeisser was raised with an early breed of the English Bulldog, and thus the boxer was born.

In the early days of the breed, many changes occurred. Many old images show boxers as white. It is believed that white boxers were no longer accepted because a darker coat was required to be police dogs. Therefore, the Boxer Klub from Germany set the breed standard to not allow more white boxers. To this day, there is still a great debate about white boxers.

Typical boxer characteristics

– The boxer is a very high energy dog. As a result, they need a lot of attention and supervision.

– The boxer is an intelligent dog. As it should be with all dogs, the boxer needs obedience training on a regular basis from a young puppy. Being a bright and energetic breed, they will find many ways to get into trouble if not properly trained and observed.

– Boxers are usually great with children. If properly socialized from a puppy, the boxer is an ideal playmate.

The boxer is a natural guardian. Always alert, the boxer is on constant guard. Usually tired of strangers and always protective of his people.

– The boxer’s temperament is “fundamentally playful”, but if treated, he will show unwavering courage.

Here are some “other” boxer characteristics that you probably won’t find in any dog ​​book:

Lying on your back, feet up, it doesn’t matter!

GAS … bad gas

Beans (the boxer’s dance)

Woo Woo Song boxer brief

Catching bugs

Using paws in feline movements

Wandering the backyard for no apparent reason.

He bounces like a rabbit when he runs sometimes

The song “woo woo”

It rests its head on you like it’s too heavy to hold!

Constantly following his humans wherever they go.

So is a boxer right for you?

The Boxer is an affectionate loyal dog, which if treated with love and respect can make a wonderful addition to any home. However, the boxer is also a very energetic dog, who will need strict obedience and even more patience. The key is to properly socialize and train your dog from a young age. By doing so, you and your dog will enjoy your time together more.

So if you are looking for a dog that will lie down at your feet, move only occasionally to eat, or stand alone and require little attention, then perhaps a boxer is not exactly what you need. But if you want a dog that’s full of life and a constant source of entertainment, perhaps a boxer is exactly what you need.

For more information on the boxer, visit and check out the boxers forum.

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