Classified Ad Sites: Get Free Traffic


Any user or owner of a website will tell you that the most important thing that a person who wants to have a successful website will need is traffic. Traffic can be defined as the number of people who will visit your website in a given period. When these people are many, it will be said that it has a lot of traffic and when they are few, it will be known as low traffic. This is why you will find that most people are looking for free traffic on classified ad sites. The reason behind getting traffic is due to many advantages.

Before you jump in and decide that you only want free traffic from classified ad sites, there are a few things to consider. The first thing that should come to mind is the type of traffic you are receiving. There are two main types of traffic. These are productive and unproductive traffic. Productive traffic type is the type of traffic that will come to your website and leave having purchased one of your goods and/or services.

Since not all of your traffic will be buying, you need to have a healthy percentage of those who will buy. Twenty to forty percent is considered productive free traffic from classified ad sites. This is due to the fact that the main purpose of getting traffic would be to sell your products on your website. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that there is what is known as relevant traffic. You’ll find that free traffic from classified sites can get a lot of traffic, but most of it may not be relevant. By relevant, we mean traffic that can be associated with the type of goods and/or services you have to offer on your site.

A good example would be if you are selling vehicles. If you have such a site, you’ll want traffic from people who will be in a position to buy a car or even multiple cars if possible. Now if you are getting traffic from kids and teens due to the fact that at some point there was a misunderstanding that your site sells toy cars. This means that you will get a lot of traffic from these types of people, but they will not buy the cars that you sell. As a result, you will have traffic but it will not be productive traffic. This is what you need to consider when getting free traffic from classified ad sites. There is no point in attracting thousands of visitors to your site when they are not buying anything.

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