Ditch the love handles: exercises and the best cardio for burning fat

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The dreaded love handles, not only because belly fat is closely linked to the development of cancer and diabetes, but because the love of fat is so hard to lose. We’ve all heard the deal that you can cut fat on a one-off basis, so you’ll lose fat from different areas before you start to see a small impact on stomach fat.

As you begin the battle for weight loss, there are a few important things to remember to make sure you stay motivated and happy as your body begins to change. The most common approach to love handles is to start doing tons of cardio followed by lots of abdominal exercises in an attempt to quickly slim your stomach.

Not only will your body take a huge hit from all the cardiovascular exercise, it will also prevent your body’s natural body from healing and rebuilding itself. The problem with a lot of direct abdominal work at this stage is that you still have a fairly thick layer of fat that separates your abdominal muscles from the outside world. Strengthening and strengthening your abs with certain exercises will only leave you looking more bloated and will not help you get rid of love handles.

This is where your motivation packs a punch and motivation is everything when it comes to losing weight, if you’re not in the right mindset, your workouts are less effective, and worst of all, you’re just not happy.

The best cardiovascular exercise for burning fat is the type of anaerobic exercise that works a full range of the body’s muscles while working the heart and strengthening cardiovascular health. A great example of this is jumping, which works your leg, shoulder, and core muscles, giving you an incredible workout that can fit into any busy schedule.

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