Is the honey in your pantry contaminated?


Sweetheart, sweetheart. They tell us that it is a healthy substitute for sugar, soothes a sore throat, even helps calm a cough, and is a good moisturizing mask for the skin, making it a good beauty treatment. However, many brands are contaminated. Yes, contaminated. There were recent reports of aresenic in many brands of apple juice, then we heard that there was a possible fungicide in an orange juice, now this. Can consumers already trust something on store shelves? It is unsettling.

Imported honey has been found to contain heavy metals and animal antibiotics that could make people, particularly children, sick. Ingesting harmful and unnecessary antibiotics also builds resistance to antibiotics, so when we really need antibiotics for illness, they don’t work as well. Much of the problem honey comes from China. Big surprise. They try to circumvent high import taxes by shipping it to the United States via other countries like India or mislabeling it, a practice known as ‘honey laundering’.

A study by Food Safety News found that 76% of the honey sold in grocery stores and almost 100% of the honey sold in large chains does not contain pollen. When you remove pollen from honey, not only do you lessen the health benefits that pure honey has to offer, but there is no way to trace where the honey actually came from, so you can’t be sure it’s safe .

The FDA has done nothing about it despite public health groups, various members of Congress, and the honey industry calling for standards to be set for more than a decade. This is another area where Europe is ahead of the curve. During the last 2 years, 27 European countries banned the import of honey from Asian countries due to this problem. We need to follow their example.

In many cases, the Chinese honey is most likely diluted with high fructose corn syrup and rice syrup as well. These are certainly not ingredients that you want in your honey. How do you know that your honey is pure? Better to buy USDA certified organic honey that is made in the USA Go local if possible because then you will know exactly where it comes from and you will be supporting local businesses. But at the very least, make sure the honey you buy is made in the USA.

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