Make Money Online: 5 Ways to Succeed Online


Finding a legitimate way to make money from home can be difficult with the number of scams out there on the internet and in the mail (for example, have you ever come across the envelope stuffing scam?). But there are jobs you can do from home that don’t require buying someone’s eBook to get there. Below are some suggestions for ways to make money that you may not have even considered.

1. Open an eBay store – This is the easiest way to start making money online. If you have a lot of things you can sell, that’s a great starting point while you find a profitable niche. Once you’ve done some research and found a great niche to sell to, your next goal is to find a good supplier where you can get cheap but quality products. Many, many people make a great full time income on eBay and you can too.

2. Are you multilingual? If you speak more than one language fluently, you can earn some extra money by purchasing translated documents. There are a lot of people behind translators for e-books, books, and other products.

3.Surveys – Participating in surveys is a great way to earn money, but keep in mind that doing the same thing over and over again can get quite boring and tedious. It won’t make you rich either, but it’s great if you’re new to it or just want some extra money and aren’t looking to get rich.

4. Be a virtual assistant – A Virtual Assistant is someone who assists a professional or business owner online. Tasks can evolve from drafting documents, emailing clients, phoning clients, making travel arrangements or doing marketing or assembling a team for your boss. Virtual assistants can get you a great hourly pay rate so if you have some qualifications or experience with clients etc this will help you become a VA.

5. Ghostwriting – If you are good at writing, many companies and individuals online are looking for writers for articles, their websites or blogs. Some even want e-books or books written for them. If you like to write, this could be your career. Sites like and can really help you achieve your writing dreams! These are just some of the ways you can earn a steady income online. You can also try promoting affiliate programs, but it is best to refrain from doing so until you have more knowledge and experience in the world of instant messaging.

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