Real estate in Belize

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One thing guaranteed with Belize is that you are sure to find diversity and something to suit your individual needs and tastes. In Belize you can find tropical islands, citrus groves, beachfront condominiums, Mayan ranches, private islands in the Caribbean, or eco-friendly, solar-powered rainforest vacation homes. Whether for business or pleasure, or even both, you can find a real estate property for you.

Real estate in Belize is exponentially cheaper than in the United States of America and Europe. And with a fraction of the prices in these countries, in Belize, you can get a property with a beach view. Living on an island or owning a ranch is no longer a dream in Belize.

Buying real estate in Belize is a great investment. Property appreciation has remained strong and steady over the years, and resale value is always high. There are no capital taxes or inheritance taxes and the currency’s exchange rate is stable.

When buying real estate in Belize, you can be sure that the area is free from racial discrimination and crime rates are very low. And with the tropical atmosphere, you can easily relax and unwind from the daily pressures of life. The political situation is very stable and there are no sudden changes in the laws as Belize is a very traditional country. Advanced infrastructures are installed throughout the country, providing state-of-the-art telecommunications and postal systems. The general population is fluent in English, so you don’t have to readjust your lifestyle just to fit in with the Belizean community.

In Belize there is a good expatriate population which makes assimilation much easier. In this country you can find Mennonites, Ketchki, Mopan Mayans, Garífunas, Creoles, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indians, Middle Easterners, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Italians, North Americans and British. Places like Ambergris Caye, Placencia, Corozol and the Caye District are always attractive areas for expats.

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