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When shopping for security scratch off labels, make sure your label manufacturer tests their labels to ensure you’re receiving only the highest quality products. If you find that your label maker doesn’t test your labels before shipping them to you, here’s a list of 11 quality control tests you can perform before running your labels on your machine.

  1. Corner scratch proof – Clean and easy to scratch off with coins Labels have just the right softness or hardness to scratch off and scratch off cleanly when using a coin.
  2. Finger scratch test – Clean and easy to scratch off with fingernails The labels have just the right softness or hardness to scratch off and scratch off cleanly when using a fingernail.
  3. cleaning test – No unwanted scratches No unwanted scratches when standard cards are run through the labels.
  4. Cytology – No label staining end user UV coating is properly applied to protect against any label staining when rubbed with your finger.
  5. rub test – No smudging of labels from production Labels do not smear when standard card is rubbed over surface 50 times at 2 lbs. machine pressure. This protects against smudging when cards rub against each other during production.
  6. opacity test – Maximum security All layers of ink are present and no light penetrates the label in any area when tested with a class III laser.
  7. Application testing – No Broken Labels Labels can be easily removed from the liner by an employee without breaking them at the security dies.
  8. Exemption test – Efficient Production Labels are run on machines to ensure they separate from the liner when the liner is removed.
  9. Matrix stain test – Does not break the lining Die-cuts (security slots) do not penetrate the lining, creating weak points.
  10. oven test – Long product shelf life Labels scratch properly when aged in the oven equivalent to 3 days, 6 months and “indefinitely”.
  11. strobe light test – Visually appealing, each and every label is run on rewinding machines and viewed against a strobe light to ensure all labels are centered and have a sharp top copy, and no missing labels.

If your security scratch-off label manufacturer does not perform these tests to ensure their labels meet the highest standards, then you could be wasting time and money when it comes to running the labels on their machine. If you’re looking to save production time when running your labels, consider using the fusion series label roll that allows you to place up to 80,000 scratch-off labels on a single roll.

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