Summary of successful season of the FC Barcelona 2010-2011


FC Barcelona began their 2010-11 season with the threat of the special, José Mourinho, who eliminated Barcelona last year from the Champions League semi-final with his unprecedented tactic. But Barça have shown their superlative class once again by winning the Double – La Liga Crown – three times in a row with two matches to spare and the great Champions League Crown – twice in three years by showing their opponent a very good soccer lesson. In addition, Barça made a spectacular record of 28 undefeated matches and 16 consecutive league wins in the 2010-2011 LaLiga season. Barça is now about “Dream Team”.

the league

Barça fell dramatically 2-0 at Camp Nou in their second game against newcomer Hercules CF! It was a shock, not a fact, Barça showed it in their next matches. They managed to win the third consecutive La Liga crown with two games to spare.

Series of “The Classics”

Five “The classic” in one season and four of them took place in April-May only in a time range of 18 days. In recent history, in 2001-02 alone both Giants met four times in one season and before that, when they met more or as evenly as this season, I really don’t remember.

The first“The classic” of the season took place on November 29. Madrid’s new coach, his outstanding performance in the league before this game, the fatigue of the Spanish players after the World Cup, etc. they were major problems before the game. But as soon as the referee whistled to start the battle, the beauty of football was again drawn by none other than the Barça players. Barça gave their fans an unforgettable Five Star performance: a 5-0 win against their perennial rival at Camp Nou on the 111th birthday of the best club in the world. Barça top the table, 8 points ahead of Madrid with this victory and the leadership position was as stable as Everest until the end of the season.

The second“The classic” It was a 1-1 draw at the Santiago Bernabeu while both Messi scored for the first time against Mourinho as Ronaldo did against Barcelona after his arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu. After the game, Barça was also eight points ahead of Madrid.

Third“The classic” I was in “Final Copa Del Ray “ so it was a great match for both of us. Mourinho maintained his super defensive strategy and ultimately clinched a win and a trophy as Ronaldo scored in the 102nd minute at Mestalla. Barça owned 70% of the first half but no real effort before the goalpost was produced. Barça improved the second half, created chances but everything was in vein and it was 0-0 at 90 minutes. Then, Ronaldo scored in the 102nd minute and this was the decisive one, as Barça could not score, but kept pressing.

The room “The classic” He was in the long-awaited semi-final of the Champions League. The first stage was at the Santiago Bernabéu. Mourinho harshly criticized Pep Guardiola when Guardiola commented on the disqualification of a goal during the Final Copa Del Rey. Right after Mourinho left the press conference, Guardiola responded quickly and furiously like never before using the “F word.” This incident added an extra touch before the battle. On the battlefield we saw the reflection of Guardiola’s anger as the Barça players all rushed together towards the referee in the face of any foul committed by any Madrid player. Barcelona were playing their natural attacking game and Madrid were sticking to their defensive plan. It was 0-0 after the break. When two teams went to the Pinto dressing room, the extra Barça goalkeeper got a red card and there was a clash between some players from both teams. At the scheduled time, Pepe committed a foul against Dani Alves and the referee admonished him a direct red card: Barça’s plan worked. But from the replay we could easily see that it was a Dani Alves acting masterpiece. Mourinho also received a red card when he made an illegal gesture to the referee. Then Barça took advantage of 10 men and Messi scored the 76th minute and doubled it by pure magic in the 87th minute and the last one was undoubtedly one of the best goals in the history of the Champions League. After full time it was a great 2-0 lead and Barça were almost in the final.

The fifth “The classic” It was a cruel formality, as it was more than impossible to keep Barca away from Wembley when they held a 2-0 away goal. Draw 1-1 at the Camp Nou. Barça scored first and Madrid tied. Mourinho was not even in the gallery during the game. Barça went to Wembly.

Champions League

It would be an injustice for Barça if I don’t mention the game against Arsenal. Cesc Fabregas returned to play for the losing side. Arsenal had a 2-1 advantage at home but did not take advantage of it at the Camp Nou, where they were humiliated last year by 4-1 and all the goals scored by the little Argentine magician Messi. This year Messi made a difference again, his first goal showed the world that his ability is limitless. Arsenal made an incredible record breaking the record of more than a thousand matches in the Champions League. In this match they couldn’t fire a single shot at the target! The score was 3-1 and the only goal was Sergio Busquets’ own goal.

Champions League Final: Obviously considered the most important game of a season. Barça players labeled the match the last Champions League final of their life, as Guardiola did it in 1992 at Wembley, where Barça won their first Champions League Final Trophy. Sir Alex Ferguson called it the “End of the Decade”. Some said it would be “Dj seen” From the 2008-09 season, others said ManU improved. When the match started the first ten minutes, ManU gave Barça a big challenge, but then back to being the beauty of football at its supreme level, Manu became the bus stander once again. The match ended 3-1 and it could have been a lot worse. The game is now considered the best Champions League final in terms of the football class of any team.

Finally, it was another successful mission for FC Barcelona. They got the Double and created few individual and team records this season. Now they are the closest to the “Dream Team”, while some people have already expressed that they are the “Dream Team” or better than that! But one thing is certain that Lionel Messi comes closer and closer to stop repeating the question “Who is the best player of all time, Pelé or Maradona?”.

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