The 5 sexiest positions to make her orgasm and beg for more!


As a man and a lover, your most important task is to make sure that your woman is sexually satisfied and to make her orgasm during sex and after. The more orgasms you give her and the more powerfully she climaxes, the happier she will be.

There are some lovemaking positions that increase a woman’s ability to orgasm and increase the pleasure both of you get. If you want her woman to climax explosively and multiple times, he will experiment and discover the best position for her.

Women are much more receptive and willing sexual partners if they are relaxed and comfortable with you. There is no better way to relax and excite her at the same time than foreplay. That doesn’t mean a quick fumble or a forceful brush. No, take your time, make the moment count, savor her body, her smell, her texture and body shape.

Stay on her erogenous zones and lick, nibble, kiss and suck where you instinctively know to. Let instinct guide you. it never fails. If you allow your instinct, you will find yourself doing things naturally in a way that will drive her crazy. Some things come to people naturally, it is not necessary to attend a course to learn them. They are already ‘learned’ inside your mind.

Be adventurous and experiment with it. You will drive her crazy with lust and desire! Only by experimenting and daring will you discover your favorite positions, tempos and times. Some will do nothing for you, while others will blow her away. Some positions can be combined and changed or reversed. Leave your inhibitions behind and get on with it.

Choose a position that allows you to penetrate her deeply. Women love deep penetration because it makes it easier for them to climax. The traditional missionary (man on top) and woman on top (cowgirl) positions allow for very deep penetration.

1.Missionary: She is on her back and you are on top of her and between her legs. Great for deep penetration and you can look into her eyes as you kiss her and talk to her as you move.

2. while In missionary position, lift her legs and slide into her from the side. You will penetrate her even deeper and it will be easier for her to reach orgasm.

3. Doggy Style: Doggy style gives you control of the thrusting speed. She gets on all fours as you penetrate her from behind her. She reaches out and caresses her breasts or massages her clitoris to increase the pleasure for both of them.

4. cowgirl: You lean back and allow her to straddle you. She can dial in how fast and how far you penetrate her and make her orgasm. Once again, she reached up and played with her breasts.

5. Lotus: While in the cowgirl position, sit down so your faces are close together. Hold her tight and help her up and down as she allows you to penetrate her deep. This is a great way to make her orgasm.

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