The 52nd State Podcast and The Americana Podcast That Much Further West Podcast


Americana Podcast

The 52nd State is an Americana podcast hosted by Texas Country singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen. It features interviews with fellow artists who make music in this genre. The podcast was created by Robert Earl Keen and his daughter Clara with the intention of expanding the boundaries of the genre. They have recorded two episodes with the band Jamestown Revival. Both are worth checking out. For more information, visit the official website.

In the second episode, Lee Briante introduces his song, “Bitter, Drunk, and Cold.” This is his first time recording in LA, and the song has a Bakersfield-type sound. Listen to the entire episode to hear how Lee Briante approaches his music and what he looks for in a song. It is a great way to get an inside look at the band’s musical process.

On the third episode, Lee Briante introduces his new song, “Bitter, Drunk, and Cold.” This song is a personal memoir of his first trip to Los Angeles. He also talks about the similarities between his Bakersfield sound and LA sound. As a bonus, each episode will feature one song a month. The playlists are organized by chapter. The americana podcast that much further west cookbook comes with a list of recommended books.

The 52nd State Podcast and The Americana Podcast That Much Further West Podcast

In the fourth episode, Lee Briante introduces his song, “Bitter, Drunk, and Cold,” which is a reflection of his first LA experience. He mentions that the song has a Bakersfield sound to it, which is a characteristic of many Californians. If you like this podcast, you should check it out. You can also find some episodes on Spotify. So, if you’re feeling inspired to start a new project, try it out! The playlists will help you get a good feel for the book.

The Americana Podcast that much further west is another great option for anyone looking to listen to the book. The book is a mix of storytelling and fun discussions and highlights notable authors, literary topics, and pop culture. The episodes of each episode are about an hour long and will usually include a discussion of different books in a single chapter. The hosts have guests on the show as well. A lot of them come from different areas of the country.

The Shelf Check podcast is a unique and fun podcast with storytelling and conversations with writers. The hosts talk about pop culture and literature, and also answer questions from their listeners. Each episode usually lasts about an hour and includes interviews with interesting authors. In the book, the host discusses the topics of each chapter, which may range from fiction to non-fiction. Some episodes have special guests. The author, Lee Briante, and the other guests discuss the songs together.

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