The four most expensive hotel rooms in London

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While many of us are looking for the cheapest London hotel possible, there are a privileged few for whom cost is not an issue. Without further ado, here are the four most expensive suites in London:

1. The Brook Penthouse at Claridge’s.

Claridge’s is a hotel fit for royalty and the Brook Penthouse is the jewel in its crown. Of course, it’s designed in the typical hotel Art Deco style and has its own roof terrace and much more: there’s a large living room, two bedrooms with two walk-in closets (including those all-essential walk-in closets!). Naturally, you have your own private dining room along with plenty of room to entertain guests, as well as your own private butler. You’ll obviously want to have a big party to show off to your friends if you end up staying there!

2. Royal Suite at Lanesborough.

The stately Lanesborough has what is rumored to be the most expensive suite in London, with views of no less than the grounds of Buckingham Palace! You pay thousands a night, but you get three bedrooms, a great room, bay windows, and a study, plus, once again, your own private butler. Celebrities love it for its discretion as it is hidden deep within the hotel.

3. The Infinity Suite at the Langham Hotel.

This suite was renovated at an estimated cost of around £700,000 a few years ago and has high ceilings, two bedrooms, lots of technology and beautiful spacious walk-in closets. There is also an infinity bathroom that will take your breath away just looking at it and a bit of entertainment space.

4. The Harlequin Suite at the Dorchester.

The Harlequin Suite was renovated in 2007 and features a master bedroom and dressing room, along with a living room, dining room, and its own bar. There is also a large terrace with magnificent views of the beautiful Hyde Park.

The exact price of the above suites is difficult to determine, but researchers at London Hotels Insight estimate that they will set you back between £4,000 and £7,000 per night. If you want to stay with them, we recommend that you start saving your pennies!

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