The Great Advent Speakers


The great Advent speaker is easily one of the most popular and fondly remembered speakers of the mid 70’s. Many wonderful records were lovingly played through its rich tweeters and full woofers and you may be looking back on this one with nostalgia. Well, whatever the case may be, let’s talk about what exactly the Advent big speaker was.

In 1973, the Advent Company introduced a new version of its current line of loudspeakers called the Large Advent Loudspeaker. This great Advent loudspeaker was similar to previous Advent models, however it contained higher quality drivers and crossovers, or at least different quality. The original woofer had what was called a Masonite frame; this was replaced on the Advent Speaker with a more standard metal frame. Also, the original style woofers were replaced with new recessed tweeters. The newer tweeters were designed to handle more audio power, but were generally similar to their predecessors.

So what was all the fuss about this great Advent speaker?

The manuals that would come with a large Advent loudspeaker described that this new loudspeaker was created to have higher fidelity high-end response in order to service the fidelity improvements of the 1970s. Overall, these loudspeakers looked a lot like to early Advent loudspeakers despite significant “under the hood” improvements. However, there were some notable differences from the Advent Speaker. First, the beveled front of this new speaker was more rounded than before. The front grille was darkened to almost a burlap color instead of the traditional off-white Advent. The driver cutouts in the grills became more rectangular.

Fans of the Large Advent speaker enjoy it for its high quality vintage sound. Bass response is incredibly deep compared to similar vintage speakers like the Dynaco A-25s. The midrange was described as creamy and clear, however this is not the loudest audio range on the Advent speaker. The high ends are clear and colorless. Some audiophiles claim to hear a drop around the 4k range. When comparing the audio qualities of the Advent loudspeakers to modern systems, it is clear that this is an old loudspeaker, but that is precisely the point. Many fans of vintage audio consider the Large Vintage Speaker to be one of the most musically satisfying speakers they have ever heard.

What did the Advent speaker look and sound like?

As for the appearance of this speaker, it could be described as a heavy or “bookshelf” speaker. They measure about 14″ wide, 26″ wide, and about 12″ deep. They weigh 40 pounds each, so you might want to find a friend when it’s time to move these bad boys! woofer on this speaker is 10″ with a medium sized tweeter. In terms of rear audio connections, the large Advent speaker was a bit behind other speakers of its time. For example, the Advent speaker does not accept connectors Fortunately, the high-quality steel terminals are easy to screw on and off, and there’s a three-stage switch for adjusting the volume level of the tweeter in relation to the rest of the mix.

Overall, the Advent loudspeaker is a retro audiophile’s dream. The high-powered bass and easy-to-hear midrange will bring back memories of your favorite ’70s beats. Combine that with a sleek, classic casing, the large Advent speaker satisfies whether the listener is busy or just listening to background music. bottom. If you get the chance to buy a large Advent speaker on the cheap, I wouldn’t wait, I’d run!

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