The importance of the BLOG from the point of view of SEO

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I was recently going through Yahoo Answers when my eyes fell on this question: Does having a blog help increase my website’s page rank? What is the importance of the Blog from the SEO point of view?

I think a lot of people are asking the same question. The answer to this is Yes, Blog helps your website get good recognition and has significant importance according to search engines, however few conditions apply. The first condition is whether or not you have enough time to dedicate to the blog. Just having a few blog posts and forgetting about them will have no impact on either your website or blog. There is no point in having a blog if you can’t find new material and you don’t have time to take care of it. Your blog needs more attention than your website. The reason behind this is that your readers expect regular posts and if you can’t find new stuff, you will not only lose your readers (they could be your leads) but also page rank. I would like to give you an example. When I started working at this company my boss asked me to run two blogs – I put my time and energy into both and in no time both got page rank 3 and with the right ads I got quite a lot of traffic and search results. . But over time one of the blogs had to be stopped for various reasons. So after just a month, the one I worked on regularly was still doing well, while the one we stopped lost its page rank and traffic. 1 month may be a short period, but without proper updates, all the effort could go to waste. So before you follow other sheep, make sure the herd isn’t leading you into a desert.

Going back to the question of how a blog helps you get good page rankings, search engines have great respect for web pages that update their content frequently. Updates on the website keep the owner constantly paying attention to it. However, it is quite impractical to keep updating your website, so they came up with something called a blog. The blog is the place where you share your ideas, and people are happy to read it and learn from it. It started out as a personal journal, but then people started looking at it from a marketing perspective. So people started sharing ideas and got more traffic as it was a form of free information. The other benefit of having a blog is that once you get good traffic, you can advertise your web page. Posts about deals and discounts can drive readers to your website. Having good blog content, especially keyword-rich content, helps to rank well in search engines. If you can provide valuable content, other people would like to link to you and thus help in link popularity. Once you have good keywords on your blog, good backlinks, and good traffic, the search engines will surely rank you well.

The best part about blogs is that they are really easy to set up as you don’t need any coding skills like HTML or web coding. Some of the popular blog hosts are TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress. There are two options for publishing your blog on your existing web hosting:

1. Publish to your domain. For example: or

2. Post on the blog hosting domain. For example: [].

The first option is the best as it helps to increase the rank of your website along with the blog. Blogging requires a lot of time and creativity. If you can afford to spend more time on it, then blogging is one of the best ways to increase your page rank and if you can’t, you’ll have an extra door you never use. So use it, be creative and gain popularity through BLOG.

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