Titanium VS Ceramic Plate


You’ve probably heard the same story, “titanium is faster but ceramic is safer.” Statements like these can really confuse you when trying to choose between them, especially since you don’t want to ruin your hair by preferring speed over safety. So let’s get to know a little more about each of these heating materials and see what their pros and cons are.

Starting with ceramic, which is and has always been the most popular choice among professionals and home users due to its constant heating and protection technologies. These are better known as ionic technology and far infrared heating. Ceramic’s natural far infrared heat gently heats hair from the inside without damaging the outer layer that is prone to damage. This promotes moisture retention within each strand to reflect a hydrated and nourished appearance on the outside, giving you a spectacular shine and healthy appearance. In terms of ionic technology, this unique component uses negative ions to neutralize and balance hair to relax and smooth cuticles. This also contributes to healthier hair, as the straightening time will be cut in half and your hair will look twice as straight.

Now let’s move on to titanium. This exceptional heater can reach peak temperatures in record time for a quick styling experience, which is ideal for all busy girls. It also features flawlessly smooth plates that will glide effortlessly over your hair for a silky, shiny look. One of the biggest advantages of titanium is that it is naturally strong and lightweight, so straightening will be easier and your straightener will last much longer.

The best hair salons use titanium irons due to their high performance and rapid heat-up which reduces waiting, making them more efficient and pleasing their clients with incredibly soft and long-lasting styles. However, its power and heat are only beneficial for girls with thick, coarse and unruly hair types who need high temperatures for proper straightening. If your hair is fine or brittle, then you won’t need such high heats and it would be safer to stick to the ceramic.

If you’re still torn between these two materials, good news! Some professional irons actually combine ceramic and titanium to use the safety and security of ceramic along with the speed and efficiency of titanium. The only problem is that these powerful plates are more expensive, although the results would be outstanding and the benefits will be worth the investment.

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