Trundle Bed Plans – Build Your Own Extra Guest Bed


If you’re looking for a better way to find a place to sleep for your kids’ guests or friends staying over, then using trundle bed plans for your next bed-building project is the way to go. Trundle beds are known to be an ingenious way to make your guests feel at home when they come to stay. This bed works well because it doesn’t take up unnecessary space and is easy to make and use only when needed.

In most cases, a trundle bed is stored on rollers under another bed. These are usually single twin beds, but can also be used with full or double size. It can be easily slid down from below when needed and can be arranged with bedding. The trundle mattress is about 4 inches taller than the average mattress, but it is secured by a wooden frame, which is attached to the rollers under the original bed.

Some nest mattresses even open to be the same height as the original. This type works with springs, so it appears next to the original bed. Another type of pop-up nest includes flexible legs to raise the bed off the ground to the same height as the original bed. This bed plan is especially useful when the kids are having a sleepover with their friends.

Some of these beds are easy to assemble and come with DIY kits or even easily assembled for instant use. Or with the right quality plans, you can add a trundle under an existing bed. These trundle bed plans come with diagrams, instructions, and a bill of materials.

When using a trundle bed, it should be used with caution, as it is easy for fingers to get caught in the pop-up frame, which could lead to injury. Another important measure that could be taken to make your guests feel more at home is to change the standard mattress that sometimes comes with a pre-made trundle bed. When replacing the mattress, take the correct measurements to ensure that you purchase the correct size mattress.

If one is considering purchasing or using a trundle bed plan to accommodate guests, it is definitely more efficient and comfortable than simply having a mattress on the floor, and it will make your guests feel more comfortable. It is also useful for making space in a small room, only removing the trundle bed when necessary. Using trundle bed plans for your next construction project isn’t as common as bunk beds, for example, but this type of bed has been around for years and is still a popular bed plan for overnight guests.

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