World of Warcraft’s Coolest Items and How to Get Them – Part 17 – Skull of Impending Doom

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The Skull of Impending Death is a hand item that looks like a horned skull on a stick. You can use this element in very useful ways.

The Skull of Impending Death is a reward for the Forbidden Knowledge quest (this is a serial quest), you can get it as low as level 30. The item, when held in the left hand, will give an Intellect boost of plus 7, but when used (has a 5 minute cooldown) it will increase your run speed by 60% for 10 seconds, dealing damage equal to 60% of your maximum health and draining 60% of your maximum mana for 10 seconds (you gain speed, but at a cost). When you use the Skull of Impending Doom you will make chicken noises, so you can see how Blizzard plans that you will use it, fleeing a fight. This can be a very good thing if you don’t have a chance to win the fight. One more advantage of this, when you use it to flee, is that it can kill you (you will die anyway if you don’t) but since you die from an object and not from damage from a fight, your team won’t. cause damage, thus saving the fixing fee (no damage for durability). Of course, you can use it in many more interesting ways:

  • If you use it, it will hurt you every second, so you will be “immune” to traps, polymorph, seduction, sap, etc.
  • You can use it as a suicide item, if you need to die faster. Why do you need to die? Go to the cemetery and pay the fee, which equates to getting to the nearby inn or town quickly in most cases. You need to end the game, enter a new zone, an infinite reason in this case.
  • Run as fast as a mount, no mount (less powerful now, when you get your mount at level 30 instead of 40). It can be used to catch a fleeing or mounted opponent.
  • Use it while carrying the flag or to catch whoever has it.

When used in this situation, you should be aware that you can use it indoors and that you can attack or cast instant spells while running.

And don’t forget you can use it to take that boat or elevator, how many times did you run to it only to lose it for a second?

You can also disable the “buff” it puts on you, this will cancel out the good and bad effects.

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