Things to do in Angola: a guide to essential activities for holidays in Angola

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Located in the South Atlantic, west coast of Africa, Angola is divided between the arid coastal strip of Namibia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Benguela Current drives and cools the striking contrasts of dry savannah and humid interior highlands to the south, while the tropical rainforest climate dominates the northern reaches of Angola. Remarkable place, worth capturing with any camera. A photo of Benguela is an image for life. Within its landscape, the “Mighty” Zambezi River stands out with its tributaries, which is born in the Congo River. Angola experiences short rains from the month of February to April. The milder climates begin to cool down in and around Angola during the month of November. Angola’s elevations, especially in the capital city, range from 3,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level. Take as many photos as you can, you won’t regret it!

The beauty and history of Angola

The nation has a splendid tradition of Hispanic music and dance, due to the rampant history of the slave trade during the active 17th century trade and commerce with the South Americans. This is why you will find a strong connection between the music of Brazil and the Iberian countries that happened during the compromises of the 17th century. This 17 of commitments is the factor that led to the rise of the fandango (which is a popular Iberian dance mixed with Sevillian, gypsy and Moorish influences).

Whether it’s a short business trip or a long-term vacation, there is no shortage of activities for one to do. In Angola, nature certainly offers everything imaginable. Aside from its long treasured history and culture. There are comprehensive activities that visitors of all kinds can do, such as sightseeing, cultural activities, hiking, nightclubs, and the chance to enjoy great food and wine served at local hotel restaurants.

Business Investment Opportunities in Angola

Doing business in Angola can be very attractive and lucrative as the country is rich in oil reserves, the main source of export earnings for Angola. Being the second largest oil producer in the sub-Saharan region, there are more than fifteen world oil companies working to obtain crude oil for the world oil market. Notable among the companies are “Big Name” oil companies such as Chevron, Exxon and Texaco, which extract and supply oil to the global market. Mining is also a key investment area, where gold and diamond deposits exist within Angola’s underground land structure. If you are trying to create potential investments in the area, it is advisable to try the oil and mining sector.

Angola is a land not only blessed with oil and rich mineral deposits. Agriculture plays an important role in the economic configuration of the country. With fertile soil in the northern highlands, coffee is a cash crop that thrives well in Angola. Although once considered a colonial cash crop, farmers can now market the cash crop as middlemen or as primary farmers. It currently takes little time to set up a new company with 50 employees. Despite Angola’s past struggle to stay in line with the world socio-political system, which they have managed to maintain, you can become an entrepreneur, industrialist and/or commercial entrepreneur, as there are no bureaucratic and legal hurdles to overcome. There is a lot of marketing going on in Angola, bringing much deserved visibility to such an amazing country.

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