Hot Job Prospects For Recent Graduates


For many graduates, the jobs that are hot now are ones that offer stability and high pay. Lucas Voron, for example, dreamed of landing a software developer job at tech giants like Apple, Google or Amazon.

But COVID-19 rattled the economy, and 62% of grads changed their desired post-grad industry as a result.


The job market for new graduates has been good overall. But some fields have seen the best jobs prospects, especially those requiring a lot of numbers-based pressure and communication skills.

For example, a graduate with a bachelor’s in business administration who works as a financial manager in a bank or other large organization can expect to make at least six figures right out of the gate. These jobs are projected to grow by at least 17% through 2030.

Other high-paying sales jobs include pharmaceutical sales reps, who visit doctors’ offices and hospitals in their given territory to educate medical professionals about drugs they represent and drive a higher rate of prescriptions. Sales jobs news are highly competitive and typically require a high GPA to get in the door. Graduates should carefully consider if this kind of numbers-driven career path stresses them out or excites them. They must also be able to handle a lot of pressure to meet or exceed sales quotas.


Although the pandemic may make it difficult for some new graduates to find a job, those who do have great prospects. And, in addition to high salaries, engineering grads can expect flexible work schedules and opportunities to travel.

In a recent survey, engineers reported being satisfied with their jobs and found that they were well-prepared for their careers. The QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey also found that employers are particularly impressed with engineering graduates’ technical skills and the ability to collaborate.

Graduates are looking less for big-name companies and more toward businesses with a stable workforce and long-term growth potential, according to a new report from the recruiting site Handshake. As a result, aerospace firms like Lockheed Martin and Nike are some of the most popular employers with 2023 engineering grads. Companies with robust supply chains and strong international presences are also gaining popularity. This is particularly true for those in the manufacturing and retail sectors.


With technology likely to take on many of the tasks that accountants typically perform, those with accounting degrees will be in high demand. MoneyWise reports that the number of accounting jobs is expected to grow by 6% between 2019 and 2028, which is right in line with national averages.

Accounting majors can find employment in a variety of sectors, including tech, manufacturing, finance and education. However, during the pandemic, grads who hoped to start their careers in finance have seen their internships shortened or canceled and some companies freeze hiring or lay off experienced workers.

Financial analysts evaluate a company’s financial health and help guide investment decisions for both businesses and individuals. They are tasked with reviewing and analyzing data, developing investment theses and spreadsheets, and communicating with both investors and management. They may also be asked to assist in determining the long-term goals of a business and develop plans to reach those objectives. They need to have good critical thinking skills to suggest innovative ideas and solutions to problems.


The marketing sector is a great option for recent graduates, who are often able to start out in entry-level positions like assistants. This position allows them to interact with all areas of a marketing department and develop skills like communication, analytical thinking and organization.

For example, marketers with digital marketing expertise may develop social media campaigns and manage website content. On the other hand, those with public relations experience may interact with the media to promote a client’s products or services.

Depending on the industry, a graduate can also start out as an analyst or research specialist, where they will focus on data and statistics and develop their interpersonal and analytical skills. Those who want to pursue more senior-level roles can choose to go for an MBA or Masters in Business Administration degree.

Some recent grads can even start out in management-level roles, particularly if they work for a company that values employee loyalty and provides opportunities for growth. This can be especially true in Silicon Valley, where the jobs market is incredibly competitive for new graduates.

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