How to Get a Laundromat Business from Business Accounts

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If you want to build a repeat customer base for your laundry business, why not focus on getting multiple business accounts? Households are not the only users of commercial coin laundries. Many companies require the use of washers and dryers on a regular basis and often outsource them to a local laundry.

In this article, I’ll take a quick look at the types of businesses that often need laundry services. I also talk about the value of such business accounts and go into detail on how to get a laundry business like this one.

Companies that use laundries

Think of some local businesses that have sheets, towels, bedding, uniforms, and other supplies that require laundering. These types of businesses include hair salons, motels, restaurants, health clinics, hair salons, gyms, and child care centers, to name just a few. Of course, many will have their own washers and dryers on-site, but there are also some that don’t. Others will have their own equipment, but sometimes they get overworked and need your help.

Why do you need business accounts

The best thing about having business accounts is that they will help you do regular business. Once a relationship is established and you get used to doing business with your laundry, you may receive several loads of laundry weekly.

They are also likely to require premium services. They will often ask you to pick up your items and drop them off at the end. Your laundry may have to take care of washing, drying, ironing, folding, repairing, removing stains, and even dry cleaning. If you’re struggling to keep your assistant busy, business accounts are a great way to go.

Securing a regular business for a coin laundry

To pursue these potentially lucrative accounts, you will need to have a marketing system in place. You need to identify potential accounts and have someone contact them and try to close the deal. You will have to put together an attractive package that makes everything easy for them. This may include offering discounts for bulk orders.

You will need machinery that can handle decent volumes, and you will need to schedule these types of jobs for times when your laundry is not so busy so as not to inconvenience your “walk-in” customers. Business accounts can be a great way to keep your machines making money during periods of inactivity, as long as the order is not absolutely urgent.

An employee dedicated to winning and servicing bills could well be just what you need to take your laundry to the next level. They will have to go out and identify some local opportunities and then make contact through direct marketing or cold calling. They will need to be sales experts to be able to persuade the potential customer that your service can be of considerable value to them.

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