How to give a sensual and sexual massage to put her in the mood

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Giving a sensual massage is a wonderful way to give and receive pleasure. Giving your partner a long massage is a great way to relax your lover. It also takes them out of our busy lives and into our bodies and pleasure, as well as putting them both in a sensual mood.

A massage table is the best way to give a sensual massage. However, a bed or the living room is also good. Make sure to leave some towels as you need to use massage oil on the body.

Then put on some new age music or classical music to set the mood. It takes at least 1 hour to do a good sensual massage so don’t rush. The room should be warm so that your partner can be totally naked and not be cold. The slower and longer you take to give the massage, the happier your partner will be.

The best way to start the sensual massage is to rub your hands. This warms the hands as no one likes cold hands for a massage. It is good to put the massage oil in hot water to warm it up as well.

You can start with some long, oil-free strokes from head to toe. I usually start with my lover on her forehead. Touch very lightly so that it only touches the hairs on the body. I like to use fur or feathers to start the massage.

Blowing can be very sensual. Try blowing from the toes to the legs, through the genitals and stomach to the head. I usually do this a few times. Later in the massage when it is more sexual, I open my buttocks and blow into the anus. Everyone I have tried this stroke with loves it.

Next, put some oil on your hands and massage your back in long, gentle strokes. It is better not to speak during the massage so that the time is calm and peaceful. One can be behind the head and down the back near the turn and back up the sides.

Begin your strokes slowly, and then once your body has warmed up and relaxed, the pressure can be increased. You can then knead the meat around your lover’s shoulders and neck with your thumb and index finger. Most of us have a lot of neck and shoulder tension.

Massage your legs and arms and don’t forget your fingers or toes. Sucking fingers and toes can be very erotic.

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