Ideas for remodeling small kitchens

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When you have a small kitchen, you need to take advantage of every inch. Small kitchen remodeling projects must make admirable use of limited space.

Condos in major cities may have small kitchens. To do? Kitchen cabinets can be placed around refrigerators and reach up to the ceiling. This design takes advantage of the room’s limited wall space to its advantage. Various design techniques can also make the kitchen appear larger. Using light colors for the walls, floor, and cabinets creates a sense of space. The room should also make the most of natural light and benefit from some well-placed ceiling lights. Although there may not be room for a table and chairs, guests can visit the cook from chairs set across a peninsula or bar. This has the added benefit of keeping too many cooks out of the kitchen!

Older houses often have small kitchens. When remodeling a small kitchen in an older home, be sure to preserve the vintage character of the room. Again, use windows to maximize natural light. White cabinets and a light floor help make the room feel bigger. However, dark countertops can keep a room from looking glaringly white and give it a more up-to-date look. Is it a table or is it an island? In a small space, they can comfortably be both!

Galley kitchens have their own challenges, but they can still feel bigger. Use counters of different lengths. While one counter takes advantage of long walls, the other is shorter, giving users more room to maneuver and creating a sense of additional space. Despite the limits of a galley kitchen, a good design can fit two sinks, something any two-chef household would love. Although there is generally no room for a table and chairs, the layout allows for chairs at the counter and a comfortable sofa where guests will love lounging. As usual, abundant natural light, light colored walls, and white cabinets help make a small kitchen feel larger.

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