Maui Fire Lawyers Help Wildfire Victims

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Help Wildfire Victims

The tragedy of a massive wildfire that has killed 36 people and destroyed many homes and businesses in Lahaina, Maui has left local residents with unimaginable losses. They may be eligible to seek financial compensation in a fire victim lawsuit. Our team of experienced Maui fire lawyers is helping victims pursue justice by investigating claims against power utility company Hawaiian Electric.

The Maui fire lawyers is examining evidence, interviewing witnesses and collecting drone footage of burned buildings. The attorneys have partnered with law firms in other states that specialize in fire litigation, including Watts Guerra LLP, a California-based firm led by attorney Mikal Watts and San Diego-based Singleton Schreiber. The teams will investigate liability and enlist clients in the devastated town of Lahaina.

Attorneys in private practice and a University of Hawaii law clinic will provide free legal assistance for people affected by the Maui fires on Friday. They will discuss issues ranging from immigration to insurance claims. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Maui Economic Opportunity office, 99 Mahalani St. The attorneys are also available for appointments.

Maui Fire Lawyers Help Wildfire Victims

Despite the loss of homes and other property, the people of Hawaii are showing their aloha spirit. The community has banded together to support those impacted by the blaze, offering meals, water and supplies. Donations can be made online or by sending checks to the aforementioned address, writing “Hawaii wildfires” in the memo line.

Hawaiian Electric fire lawyers

One of the biggest challenges for wildfire victims is obtaining accurate information about what their insurance companies will cover. Insurance agents must determine what the actual value of the home or business was before the fire, which is often different from the amount insured by the homeowner’s policy. Then, they will calculate the cost of restoring the property to its pre-fire condition.

This can lead to huge discrepancies in the payout for a claim, which is why it is so important for victims to hire an experienced attorney. Attorneys will make sure that their clients receive the full amount they are entitled to under their policies.

It is believed that the fires were started by energized power lines. This was foreseeable and preventable. It is now known that Hawaiian Electric knew of the extreme fire risk ahead of Hurricane Dora, which was due to pass south of the state on Aug. 8. There were numerous red flag wind warnings issued for dry areas, and it is known that utility equipment owned by Hawaiian Electric —which provided 95% of the island’s electricity—was not properly shut off.

The firm is considering filing a suit against the power utility company, based on its knowledge of the fire threat. It is the standard in the industry to shut off power during extreme conditions like those that were present before the fires began. But the utility company failed to follow this standard, which is what caused the blaze that devastated Lahaina and other communities. Those responsible must be held accountable for their negligence.

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