Printable Dumbbell Exercise Chart

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A great way to get started with dumbbell workouts is to get a printable dumbbell exercise chart. There are multiple charts, make sure the one you get has the following:

1. Illustrations.

Nothing can better describe how to perform an exercise than an actual illustration of exercise and movement. The illustrations will show you the starting point of the movement and the position where you want to be at the end of the movement. Some illustrations will provide a middle ground to show what the movement should look like when performed.

2. Motion descriptions.

Should they have their palms facing you or the other way? Bent elbows? The descriptions of the dumbbell movements are essential to understanding exactly how the specific exercise should be performed correctly. Often times, the seemingly minor details that you won’t pick up from the illustrations are key to having effective dumbbell workouts. Try to make sure your printable dumbbell exercise chart includes clear explanations of how to perform each exercise.

3. A manual with dumbbells plus the table.

Ideally, get a dumbbell exercise manual along with your printable dumbbell exercise chart (many manuals will include a chart). In this way, you will have a much better understanding of how to put together a complete dumbbell routine, as well as how to perform the exercises correctly. More tips and techniques for better and more effective workouts will be included in a manual that you won’t find in a table. With a manual and a chart, you will have the knowledge on how to put together a fast and very effective exercise routine.

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