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Mother Nature cries out for help. We have used and abused our resources, and now we are giving them a slow death with chemical pollutants. But you can start to make a difference. In many ways and one of the ways is simply changing the way you wash, it can help reduce contamination levels.

The environment changes and degrades rapidly, every day each of us increases pollution. Even when we are cleaning our clothes, we are polluting the air / land and water around us. How? Through the detergents we use. Yes, these chemical detergents, which are readily available in all stores, are just one of the severe pollution agents.

They are made from harmful chemicals that make the product non-biodegradable. Some common anti-environmental ingredients you will find in detergents are: linear alkylbenzenesulfonate, or LAS, and nonylphenoxyethoxylate, or NPE, synthetic odor. Some other harmful ingredients in a chemical laundry detergent are:




1-4 dioxane


Glycol ether

CA 65






These chemicals are highly toxic and can cause serious harm to your health and pollute the environment. They can cause serious rashes and skin allergies, not to mention the way they attack the fibers in clothing. Have you ever wondered why you need fabric softeners? The answer lies in the massive chemical treatment that clothes receive in each wash with such chemical detergents.

So what to do now? The correct way is to go green. Stop buying these chemicals and switch to greener options. A natural or ecological detergent is of vegetable origin, has a neutral pH and is 100% biodegradable. Plus, they come in ultra-concentrated formulas, which means you use less and last longer. They do not contain colorants and have little to no odor. You have to do laundry every day, so why not switch to a green option, right now, so your home won’t increase the local pollution level tomorrow? If you are wondering if it is an eco-friendly detergent, the best laundry detergent, then you are right. Since they really help reduce the negative impact on the environment. Every major change starts locally, and in this case, you can start from home. Make a difference by forgoing chemical detergents – don’t be fooled by their “clean wash” claims. They are polluting the environment and the planet with their toxins. The moment they flow down your home drain, they begin to contaminate the body of water ahead and never stop as they are not biodegradable.

What you can do is choose a laundry product that is safe for your clothes, your skin, and will not contaminate your downstream water. The next time you go to the store, be sure to explore the natural, green, and eco-friendly options available. Please note and read the ingredient list on the back of the product. So don’t buy anything with NPE or Chlorine. Look for natural products made with vegetable oils. A small positive effort on your part can unleash a chain of improvement that will prevent the Planet from degenerating so quickly. Remember, everything helps.

Go green with natural soaps and soap nuts, as they are also great green laundry products. They are non-toxic and biodegradable, and they do not harm the environment at all.

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