Star Wars The Old Republic Trooper – Life in the Republic

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Soldiers are the pride and honor of the Galactic Republic force and it is a force in itself to be reckoned with. Without wielding lightsabers, the SWTOR Trooper has a main battle strategy, that is, it has the heart and the courage to take on any enemy. No matter what they face on the battlefield, be it an army of Sith Warriors or the stealthy Bounty Hunters, the Trooper has no place in their mind for fear. Because these Troopers are the first line of defense of the great Republic. Without backing down, the Troopers have defended their civilization from countless attacks from the Sith Empire. Some have resulted in victory, while others left permanent scars, which is one of the main reasons fueling the soldiers’ courage and willpower. Regardless of these setbacks, the Trooper is always ready and willing to jump head first into any situation.

The Star Wars the Old Republic Trooper class comes with massive amounts of firepower and is almost always at the forefront of any battle. Their main weapon of choice is rifles in which the army is constantly trying to find a revolutionary rifle to create and further strengthen the firepower of the Troopers. They are the most advanced strike force in the galaxy and are equipped to take on any enemy in any type of situation. His toughness radiates from his gut and his unwavering spirit. Their loyalty to each other and the Republic makes them a formidable enemy capable of withstanding any type of torment or attack. The path of the Republic Trooper decides the fate of the galaxy and extraordinary heroes are born from Troopers.

With two specializations, two very different playstyles come for Star Wars the Old Republic Trooper. Rather unstoppable, the first Specialization Vanguard bursts into battle equipped with a heavy arsenal. They are always the first and best line of defense of the Republic in war. With their Trooper spirit and bravery, they keep the Republic safe. Using the most advanced technology of the Republic, the Vanguards are specialized in defensive tactics, while the Commandos launch into battle with massive firepower. His weapon of choice is the massive blaster cannons that overwhelm enemies with their blunt firepower. Many wars and battles have been won due to the Command’s firepower, whether to take out a group of enemies or push back an advancing Imperial force.

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