Sports Betting in Tennessee Is Now Legal


Sports Betting in Tennessee

Last year, Tennessee became the fourth state to legalize sports betting, following Iowa, Indiana, and Montana. With legalized sports betting, comes new laws. In order to offer legal in-play betting, operators in Tennessee must use official league data. This could be an issue for some providers. However, the state has seen a healthy growth in sports gambling. The upcoming legislative session should be fruitful for the industry.


While most people only place their wagers on professional sports, Tennessee offers plenty of options. The state is home to one NFL franchise, the Tennessee Titans. While they were once considered an outsider, they’ve gotten a new look in recent years and are expected to be a contender for the Super Bowl. But that doesn’t mean you can’t place a bet on your favorite college team.

Regardless of your preference, sports betting in Tennessee is legal. There are a number of different options available to bet on college and professional sports. The newest options in Tennessee are available via mobile devices. Online services can provide a variety of betting options, from single-game wagering to multiple-game wagering. Moreover, many of these platforms will offer bonuses and different types of bets to attract new customers. During the AFC playoffs, you’ll have access to event-specific promotions.

Sports Betting in Tennessee Is Now Legal

Another option for Tennessee sports fans is mobile sports betting. These apps allow sports fans to wager on college and professional sports. Unlike online sportsbooks, the mobile apps in Tennessee are free of restrictions and can be used by residents of Tennessee as well. The most notable difference between domestic and offshore sportsbooks is that offshore and mobile apps do not have any restrictions on teams. The biggest drawback of these apps is that you can’t place wagers on live events.

Legal sports betting in Tennessee is now legal for residents over 21. However, the state’s law prohibits the practice of placing prop bets on college sports. Therefore, it is illegal for individuals under 21 to wager on college sports. Nevertheless, a person can bet on all types of sports in Tennessee. It is illegal to place in-game bets in Tennessee. The state does not have casinos, but it does have sportsbooks and online gambling apps.

While most casinos in Tennessee have brick-and-mortar casinos, online sportsbooks in Tennessee can also be used in person. In Nevada, the only way to place a bet in a casino is to physically visit a casino. Luckily, in Tennessee, there are no brick-and-mortar casinos, so the process is very convenient. The websites and apps allow bettors to bet on all kinds of sports events.

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