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When it comes to channel offerings, there has always been a debate between satellite and cable. Each claims to offer more channels, lower prices, and better service. However, when it comes down to it, there is a clear winner.

Satellite simply offers more channels than cable. While cable has a large number of channels, satellite simply has more. The reason for this is that satellite channels are transmitted via radio waves from space, making the same channels available on one coast also available on another. This adds a large number of regional channels to the satellite list that cable cannot provide outside of those regions. This is exceptionally beneficial for sports fans.

Additionally, satellite also offers more HD channels than cable. With a current offering of nearly 100 channels and a recently launched satellite that will bring the number to 150 in the coming months, satellite already offers more HD channels than cable. An additional satellite scheduled to launch in the coming months will bring the total to two hundred HD channels. When added to the multitude of On Demand and Pay Per View offers available, satellite simply has more HD than cable.

Satellite also offers more sports entertainment than cable. Whether you’re looking for baseball, basketball, soccer, racing, or even international sports, you can find it by satellite. Satellite also offers regional sports channels from across the country, which means you can watch games from high school to professionals in the region that interests you.

Satellite television offers an excellent variety of exclusive sports programming. With NASCAR HotPass, for example, fans can get behind the wheel with their favorite drivers and listen to pit crew audio while watching the race in standard or high definition. The NFL Sunday Ticket is the most popular exclusive sports package, offering fans a wide variety of games and coverage each week. With Sunday Ticket SuperFan, you get all of this plus a series of HD games. SuperFan also offers the Red Zone Channel in HD, as well as Game Mix HD, which offers eight games on one screen, allowing everyone in the house to support a different team without anyone fighting over the remote.

The new features are also available on satellite before they are offered on cable. Satellite now offers a new feature that allows you to stream pictures and music from your PC to your DVR. In addition, they now offer interactive channels that offer personalized forecasts for your local weather or your future. Featuring horoscopes, lottery results and the latest weather information provided by The Weather Channel, these interactive channels provide entertainment and information on demand with the push of a button.

When it comes to the debate over the best TV service provider, cable just doesn’t measure up. For all the services and features listed above and much more, contact your local DirecTV provider. DirecTV offers the best in standard and HD programming with quality and service that cable simply cannot match. When you spend your hard-earned money on the best HDTV, it only makes sense to buy the best HDTV service.

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